Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Saw The Shot...And I Took It

This last Sunday I looked up and I saw it, I saw the picture, or the makings of what could be a great picture. I think if I were a professional photographer, I'd spend all day looking for interesting (and marketable...) pictures to take. Hopefully, I'd find myself finding myself in more and more of this type of situation.

But since I'm not a professional photographer, I usually don't go looking for those shots. It's like I so involved in life that I miss so much. Every once in a while, however, I'll turn my head, or look up, or look down, and there it will be--something amazing that will hopefully transfer to a photo I can show other people.

We hold one of our church meetings in a chapel that's over a century old. It's actually a historical building. If you're familiar with Mormonism, it's where the first Primary was held. Primary is a program for the youth twelve and younger. When we first moved to our little community, it's where we attended church. It's where I watched my mother sing in the choir. It's where my father's funeral service was held. It's a special place for me.

So last Sunday when I looked up and saw a solitary church member sitting in front of that classic space, I thought it would make a good photograph. But I couldn't just interrupt the lesson being taught, move right behind the person and start talking pictures with my phone allowing the entire class to see.

Or could I?

I did get up and went to speak to a friend. We had a meeting later in the week, so I actually had something to talk to him about. I sat down in the pew in front of him, chatted for a moment, then took the picture. It's not 100% how I would have wanted it to look. I had to use the zoom feature on my phone and that diminishes quality. But when I got home and tinkered with it, it turned out okay. It captured what I saw when I looked up from our Sunday School lesson. And now, you can see what I saw, too.

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