Monday, February 27, 2017

If You Haven't Seen CPT's "Mary Poppins"...You Should!

Last Friday on Opening Night, I attending Centerpoint Legacy Theatre's Mary Poppins. I'm so glad I did.

Since I have tickets to this year's season, I was planning on seeing the show anyway. But I got to see Friday's show in exchange for a review. I sent in my review Saturday and I'm waiting to see it published online. And because of that, I won't include much of what I wrote in that review.

What I can say is that I thoroughly loved the show. I thought I knew the play. I knew some, like the songs, but much of the show I didn't know, so it was like I was experiencing the story for the first time. The voices of the leads and secondary characters were all strong, almost without exception. The dances were fantastic, and the sets were beautiful.

When I was asked to do the review, one of the things they wanted me to consider was the theater's interaction with the community. On Opening Night, the theater took fifteen minutes to honor one of its performers who passed away last fall. His desire was to be a chimneysweep in this show, but he never got the chance. And so, to help honor his wish, they told us all of his story and set aside one chair on the front row. They decorated it with a broom and made it something special to honor his memory. To me, that showed just how much the community means to the theater, and what a beautiful way to show it.

The show goes until March 25 with matinees on March 3 and March 11. It's a beautiful show with heavenly voices and dances that will make you want to join in.

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