Tuesday, February 7, 2017

So, Our Son's Taken Up Karate...

There's so much you don't know when it comes to your kids. When you find out there's one on the way, you're so excited, but I don't ever remember thinking about what at little bundle of joy was going to do when they turned ten-years old, or sixteen, or thirty. I probably did think about it, but not too much because I can't remember doing it.

Our youngest is different from his siblings. That's not unusual. It would be strange if he was exactly like one or all of them. He's a kind soul with a big heart. He loves animals and Legos. I didn't see him enjoying karate lessons. But that's exactly what he does.

He's only been going for a few months. Last weekend he had a belt test. My wife and I joined the other proud parents in the dojo on the side of the mats. I took a bunch of pictures, but I told my son I wouldn't post them--he's a little sensitive about having his picture splashed about.

As he went through his test, I watched him. He really enjoys it. It's tough sometimes as a parent to know what your kids will like, or what they'll reject. So far, this has been a positive experience for him. I don't know how long he'll enjoy the lessons, but for now, he's having a blast.

Back when I started this blog, or daughter was involved in gymnastics. After a few years she made the decision to stop--it was probably for the best considering who she was and the things she wanted to do. The training she gained in gymnastics has helped her ever since. I hope my son can say the same thing in a few years.

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