Saturday, February 18, 2017

So...What Did You Do This Weekend?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about not attending this year's Life, The Universe, And Everything (LTUE) writing symposium. It was a bittersweet post to write. I actually love that convention. There's so many good friends there, but this year, it didn't seem right for me to go.

I spoke to my wife earlier this week about it. We figured out that attending a three-day event so soon after doing back-to-back shows was too much. I hadn't thought of that when I decided not to attend LTUE, but it made sense. Putting in between 15-20 hours a week, in addition to a full-time job, since last September can take a toll.

So, as many of my friends were having a blast going to panels and selling their goods, I was moving and installing appliances. Our house is turning fourteen-years old this year. We've had to replace somethings (need to replace others...), but our fridge and dishwasher were still running.

But, when family calls and says they're buying all new stuff and do we want their old stuff, we said, YES! Their fridge is a decade newer than ours, and their dishwasher was not falling apart like ours literally was.

Thursday we moved the fridge; yesterday we installed the dishwasher. The last time we did that, I was younger, and my muscles were in better shape. There were other things that happened around the house that made me glad I stayed closed to home these last few days. Skipping LTUE this year--it was just meant to be.

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