Monday, February 20, 2017

So...You Mind We Take That Little Car For A Test Drive?

We have teenagers in the house and teenager equals driver, at least it does in the area where we live. My teenagers don't drive. That is something I never thought I'd say about any teenagers, let alone, my teenagers. But, it's the way of things now. Kids these days live in a different world.

But my daughter wants to get her license, and so this weekend I did a little internet search. I found a little VW bug. Let me tell you about this bug. It's a few years older than the car I drive now, it has more miles than my car, but the price listed for this automobile was pretty remarkable.

The write-up of the car in the internet ad said something like, "Imagine driving down the road in this sporty little car."

Well, this afternoon I picked up my daughter from a dance practice (something a drivers license and car for her would no longer require me to do...) and we decided to go check out the car. After all, if she's going to work on getting her license, I thought it would be fun to test drive a car.

We pulled up, saw the car. I wondered what it looked like because the internet ad had only a stock photo. The car looked good--a little beat up, but that's to be expected considering the price. We went inside and were introduced to a salesman. We'll call him Matt.

"What can I help you guys with today?" Matt said in a very non-pushy way. 

"Well, I'd like to show my daughter that little bug you have on your lot and take it for a test drive."

Matt thought for a second, then said, "Well, that car doesn't move."

"Ah, excuse me?" I said.

"Yeah, it starts and you can get in it, but it doesn't run."

"I guess we can't take that one out for a test drive, can we?"

"No, we cannot."

Since we were there, Matt showed us some used cars on their lot that did move and that we could take for test drives. We ended up not driving any of them, but Matt was completely professional. I asked for his card and said goodbye. My daughter and I drove home discussing how people purchase cars, especially when buying new is not an option.

Tonight I told my family of our little adventure. I told them how it was especially funny because the internet ad asked the potential buyers to imagine driving down the road in that sporty little car. I guess if you buy it, imagine it driving down the road is one of the few things you can actually do with it.

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