Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On A Clear Day...There's A Lot To See

In the winter, due to the seasons and where we are on Earth's latitude, we have less sunlight than we do in the summer. It's normal and you get used to it, if you live here, that is. Even though the days are getting longer, I still go to work in the dark, and last month, I would be coming home at dusk or in the dark. Doesn't give a photographer a lot to shoot.

But today, I came home a little early to take care of some things. And because the trains don't run as often before rush hour, I had time to look around and see some of the things I usually rush by. We've had storms the past couple of days. Many people hate the snow, but the sky's so clear and amazing afterwards. Today I saw hues of blue and teal. I doubt I could capture it with my camera.

A building is going up right next to the train platform. I took pictures of that. The train station where I get off the train has a bridge we must cross to reach the tracks. Even though it's a pain to climb the stairs, I love it. I've taken several pictures from it, around it, and of it.

And just before I went to my car, I saw a couple of bikes parked at a bike rack, locked together. There's a story of those bikes, a parent (or sibling or friend...) and child making a trip to the train to station to go on a grand adventure. It's amazing what's you can see...

On a clear day.

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