Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A 40-Year Old Christmas Tree...

Our 40-Year Old Christmas Tree...


Not everyone can say that they have a 40-year old Christmas tree in their house, but we can.  For almost a week I've blogged about the big windstorm we experienced beginning last Thursday. One of these posts covered the downing of our next-door neighbor's tree, a tree with a story (the post can be found: HERE).

I had a feeling that due to the size of that huge tree, there would probably be a Christmas tree that could be salvaged out of it...I was right. For the second year in a row, we got a free tree.

It took a little trimming, but eventually it came to resemble (somewhat resemble...) a Christmas tree. We hauled it in the house and decorated it last night. With ornaments and lights, I think it turned out nice. It's not the prettiest tree around, but it is the only one that four decades earlier was decorated as a Christmas tree. It served as a Christmas tree when it began (somewhat began...) its life and it ended its life the same way.

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