Friday, December 2, 2011

How Do You Get Rid Of A HUGE Tree? One Branch At A Time...

The Big Clean Up Next Door...

My wife had just left to do a little shopping with her mom when I heard a chainsaw revving up next door. I put on my coat and gloves and ran out the door. I didn't want to miss this.

My neighbors have several kids and they were all in the front yard throwing branches over the rod iron fence and onto the street. Another neighbor manned the chainsaw and he went to town. His teenage son threw the bigger limbs. The two of them worked well as a team. All the kids were cheap and abundant labor since the the county closed the schools for the day.

Eventually all the limbs were cut using a chainsaw, hand saw and a saws all. It took a few hours but eventually nothing but the trunk remained and as we walked home a truck pulled up and a serious chainsaw was recruited for the job.

With bits of wood and sap raining down, my neighbor never stopped smiling. If he felt bad at all, he never showed it. Tonight we drove around our little town and the streets are lined with pine cones, pine needles, and pine boughs. One thing for sure, our town sure smells like Christmas.

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