Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Little Choir...

Tonight we attended a mini-concert. A few months ago my wife thought of a great idea for the kids in our education co-op in which our kids (and us parents...) participate. My wife wanted to expand the kid's education this fall and so, the kid's choir was born.

The parents watched their children stand and sing Christmas songs. A few dads joined me in filming the event. We stood, camcorders in hand, while everyone else sat and watched and, hopefully, enjoyed the music.

Both my wife and I have spent several years singing and when those kids began their songs, I had a smile on my face, not because the pitches were perfect or the blending worked so well. I smiled because the sound coming from the stage was so innocent. Almost none of the kids had ever participated in a choir before. They did a wonderful job, considering...

They sang four songs, then the rest of the meeting took place. Maybe I'm biased (okay...I'm definitely biased), but I enjoyed the songs because good or bad, there's something magical about hearing children sing.

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  1. Lovely post.

    "I smiled because the sound coming from the stage was so innocent."

    So, so true.