Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo Booth Fun!

Fun With Photo Booth

You see it everyday (well, if you look hard enough , it is....). You're on Facebook and someone posts something ridiculous--something you know that person would never say. Something like, "Brad thinks his sister Becky is the smartest, most beautiful girl he knows. And he thinks she's smarter than him, too!'

Of course, if you remain on Facebook for any lenght of time, Brad's next post says something like, "This is the REAL Brad and I DO NOT think my bratty sister Becky is either smart or beautiful. She's a booger!"

And, if Becky happens to be a Facebook friend to her brother, she will comment on his post by saying something like, "Shouldn't leave your computer open, Brad!!"

One thing my son likes to do is climb up on my bed when I'm either writing or net surfing and ask if we can take a picture. My MacBook has a wonderful little program called Photo Booth. My son loves the effects pictures. Me...I'll take a true representation. The other day I noticed some Photo Booth pictures I had not seen before. It appears my little son came into my room and fired up the Photo Booth program. I know this because here's the evidence:


Of course, had I not left my computer open I wouldn't have these adorable pictures, so maybe it's worth the risk. I should probably be more careful, though. We'll see...

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