Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dressing Up Santa...

We had our famous Christmas party today. I was Santa. The costume was a loaner.

I missed last year's Christmas party, because I hit and killed a deer. Want details? Look: HERE. Okay, the link has less to do with my accident, and more to do with my history of cars and the names we gave them, but the accident is why I missed last year's office Christmas party. I was driving home after buying a gift the night before the party for the party's gift exchange and I hit the deer and killed the poor animal. It's the only deer I ever killed.

We have a great team and the parties we have reflect this. We had a short staff meeting, then played games (doughnut-eating-off-a-string game, a wrapping contest, and a unwrapping contest). If you'd like the details, let me know and I'll tell you how to play the games.

I've never been Santa--in proper attire--before. I didn't do much but said some, "Ho, Ho, Ho's" which is something all good Santas do. I remember being told that my dad had a Santa suit and somewhere I believe I've got a picture of him dressed in it. I think perhaps the suit was even around when we sold my parent's house and it was tossed out as so many memories were. Thinking about it, I'm sure the suit would not be suitable as a Santa costume. For one thing, the last time my dad wore it was in the 1960's and he was 6' 4" tall--hardly something I could wear. would have been fun to see it.

Another Christmas party is in the books, and this Santa had a good time.

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