Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Little Piano Player...

Tonight we attended a piano recital. It was my daughter's recital. We have one daughter and she is of small stature. I say this because it relates to her piano playing. She's about a head shorter than most of the girls her age. From what I can tell, her height doesn't bother her--especially since it helps her in gymnastics.

Her two older brothers both took piano lessons. Our oldest son has long fingers (he's grown into them...) but our daughter does not have long fingers, at least, not yet. During the recital I watched my daughter play the piano. I've heard her practice numerous times over the past month, but tonight I noticed the way she played the music. It was very interesting.

What intrigued me while I watched my daughter play was the things she needed to do to compensate for her size as she played. I don't think I've ever seen a piano player move up and down the length of the piano bench in order to reach the keys needed to successfully play the piece. Even though she's not tall and has short fingers, my extremely biased opinion feels she did a wonderful job.

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