Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ruth Gatrell Singers...

The Annual Ruth Gatrell Christmas Concert

Every community has one (or more...) and chances are, you know them. It seems there's someone--maybe your neighbor, or your friend's neighbor--is one of those people who seems to find the time to do amazing things. Ruth Gatrell is one of those people. Tonight I helped out with her program.


Ruth has written a lot of music. It's hard to see, but each one of these lines is one of her songs and tonight her woman's choir sang most of the Christmas songs. For the second year in a row two of my friends and I sang "The Sign Has Been Given."


We had a good crowd tonight (more than last year, I think...), and considering the number of times we rehearsed the number, I think we did okay.


I don't know if I'll participate in next year's Christmas concert. If not, I suppose that's fine. You may never hear a Ruth Gatrell song. All that work she's done over the years may not reach everyone, but that's not the point, is it?

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