Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's A Wonderful Film...

It's A Wonderful Film...

Tonight we came home from helping my in-laws decorate their home for Christmas and flipped on the TV. After searching around a little, we came across a film in mid-presentation. "It's A Wonderful Life."

I didn't find this film until I was in my 20's. I was at a party at a friend's house and the video (VHS tape in those days...) to end the party was "It's A Wonderful Life." Many at the party were surprised I had never seen the film. I think I, like most, fell in love with the film the first time I saw it.

There have been books written about this film. I doubt this humble little blog post can do it adequate justice to it. But the show's on and so the show's where my mind is.


I know I'm not alone in saying that I can connect with the film. I think everyone can see themselves in some way in George Bailey. He represents the best of humanity, a failed person who continues to endure, who never stops denying his true nature--that being, a man who must help others.


It's a movie played at Christmas, but could be played anytime. Christmas Eve is only the day Harry Bailey returns to town and Uncle Billy loses the deposit at the bank. Other than that, it could be any day of the year.

There are other aspects of the film that affect me on a very personal level. Preston Sturges created a masterpiece when he assembled a stellar cast and presented his vision of regret and redemption.


These pictures represent some of my favorite scenes of the movie (and especially, some of my favorite quotes...). scenes and quotes after we began watching tonight, that is. One of my favorite scenes early in the film is George, Mary, and Violet in the drug store while George is dishing out shakes. Great scene.


For me, the film ebbs when Clarence arrives and shows George what life would be like without him. I think the story is good as a drama showing how George grows up and deals with life. Of course his conversion would need explaining...

But take the film in its entirety and we have what we have. Who am I to question the work of art. The show continues and I continue to watch and enjoy.  I love this show.

All photographs are taking from "It's a Wonderful Life" shown on NBC without their permission. I hope it's okay...

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