Monday, December 19, 2011

Death of a Microwave...

It only takes a slight change to realize just how dependent we are on things. Take yesterday, for example. Around 11 a.m. our microwave decided to give up the electronic ghost. So long, Big served us well--it was 10 years old, after all...

Simple things like lunch stymied the family. Since it died on a Sunday I even wondered if the situation reached "ox-in-the-mire" status. Of course, it didn't (but it was considered...).

Today I decided that since I am a man, I should be able to at least take the microwave apart and try and find the fuse to fix it. One website I checked said swapping out a bad fuse is a simple and inexpensive (two words that could not better describe me) way to fix a microwave. I thought, "let's give it a shot!"

Of course, another website said there's enough power in an unplugged microwave to kill someone. Gone forever were my dreams of self-reliance. So, we made five trips to four stores and bought one.

You know, I did measure, but in 10 years microwaves have apparently changed. They appear to be either bigger or smaller and definitely bigger than the space we have in our cabinets. If the cabinet opening were just 1/2 inch wider--no problem.

The new appliance now sits on our counter. Maybe it's a sign of old age that things that used to fit into places no longer do so.

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