Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Phone Call...A Short Story

Highway 1

Time For A Short Story

What a great picture for a writing prompt! I like this picture because it can be almost anywhere in the country, or world, for that matter. The picture is the inspiration for this week's writing prompt. It's open for anyone and everyone. 500 word max, must post before next Wednesday, the story must be posted to the website found: HERE. And, you must incorporate these five words:


So here's the story. Hope you like it.

The Phone Call

            “Yo…it’s me.”
“Hey—where are you, man? We thought you’d be here ½ hour ago.”
“Yeah, so did I. The car died again!”
“Again! You’ve gotta get rid of that thing once and for all.”
“No funds, man!”
“Well, where are you?”
“On Prewett Loop, about a mile past Highway 1.”
“I’ll send Smalls to pick you up—stay cool, we’ll get you.”
“So, when you getting some new wheels? That turtle you drive needs to be permanently retired.”
“Tru dat. So, how long’s the party gonna last?”
“Jimmy says he’ll keep it cranked all night.”
“Good. I didn’t want to miss the whole thing. What’s everybody drinking?”
“The usual, but some dude brought some home brew—tastes like hair tonic so I’d avoid it.”
“Thanks for the advice.”
“Man, I wish you were here—this place is a zoo right now. The music they’re playing is off the shelf!”
“Hey! I feel bad enough about the car…don’t make it worse.”
“Then I probably shouldn’t tell you that Natalie’s here, and she’s looking lonely.”
“Aw, man!”
“Sorry, sorry…my bad. That was cold, I know.”
“Ah…so, did Natalie come by herself?”
“I think so, dude. What? You still got something for her?”
“Never stopped, man. I just wish…wish things were different.”
“Why’d you guys stop going out?”
“It’s complicated.”
“What else you gonna do?”
“Good point.”
“So, tell me man. What’s the deal with you two?”
“Things were going pretty good. We were hanging out, like, every weekend. Then her brother died.”
“Her brother died? You never told me that. Did we know him?”
“No, he was older—we never knew him. He was in Afghanistan. Their Humvee hit a landmine.  Four soldiers died.”
“Man, that sucks.”
“Yeah, tell me about it. After that things kinda changed.”
“How’d things change?”
“I don’t know, and I don’t think she even knew.”
“So what’d you do?”
“I did a bunch of stupid stuff. I tried to buy her things—spent a ton of money. I even bought her a necklace.”
“A necklace?”
“Yeah, and other stuff, but…I don’t know…she just couldn’t get past it.”
“Well, she’s still here, and pretty much by herself, as far as I can see.”
“Do me a favor.”
“Go tell her that I’m coming and not to leave. I really want to talk to her and see how she’s doing.”
“Alright. I’ll do it, but you owe me, man.”
“You name it—whatever you want.”
“How ‘bout a necklace?”


  1. :) This brought a smile to my face. Good boy. :D

    My favorite line: "The music they're playing is off the shelf!"

    1. I'm old--I have no idea if I even used the phrase correctly! It sounded good inside my head. Thanks for the comments!

  2. Oh I love romantic scenes from a guy's perspective!! There is a charming reality to it that I just love with that added something only romance can give!! (whydo you think Nicholas Sparks is so famous?) :)

    1. I've never read a Nicolas Sparks novel. I probably should. To be honest, the whole romance angle came to mind as I tried to think of a way to use "necklace" in the story. Funny how things work, sometimes... Thanks for the nice words!