Friday, September 7, 2012

Yard Sale, Or In French...Vide-Grenier

I was driving home, I really was, when I saw the sign. Yard Sale. You know when you get the impulse to act and so you do? I turned...I just had to. I drove a block and then saw the cars and minivans on the street, far more vehicles than would normally be in the area. I knew I had the right place. What is it about yard sales that makes other people's stuff spread out on their lawn look so inviting when the same stuff crammed on a shelf in my basement just looks like clutter?

I slowed, as we all know, to check things out. I always feel bad when I drive by a yard sale and if it's lame, I keep on going. Today, the spread of "stuff" was bigger than normal. Time to stop! It was a good yard sale. They had a lot of old furniture--always a sign of a good sale. Another sign of a good sale? No clothes. I know, I know. Many of you have probably found some real clothing treasures at yard sales. I never have.

The sale was good enough for me to call my wife to come down. I spotted a cool front door that I thought she might like. She measured our door before leaving and the door at the sale was too small. Oh well. My wife was so impressed with the sale, she called her mom (who loves to refinish furniture...) and she showed up. We ended up with a really nice scooter for the kids, a sleeping bad, a couple of books, and a WWII Navy flashlight. All in all, a successful impulse.

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