Monday, September 24, 2012

Wendover Wings And Wheels Air Show, 2012 Edition...

We went to Wendover last weekend to see a concert and to celebrate our anniversary. We didn't expect to happen upon a fantastic event, the Wendover Air and Auto Show. We're so glad we did.

Here's Tom. He's a friend and basically in charge of the air show. His official title is: Director of Operations. If I had to guess, I'd say the air show would not happen if it weren't for him. He might say otherwise. He does so much work behind the scenes.

I'm sure it's not the biggest air show in the country, but there's something about standing on an historical airfield looking at historic planes and imagining the stories those planes could tell. There was everything from a Corsair to a F-18, many trainers, some experimentals, and even a refueler from Hill Air Force Base. We got to go inside it.




The car show was an added bonus. There were a lot of mustangs and corvettes, which I personally like. I would have loved to see an old VW among the beautiful cars. However, it might not have gone over so well with all the Detroit-built machines.

The air show has a Facebook Fan page and you can find it: HERE. Check it out and "like" it to see better pictures than I've taken.

I bought a mini-B-17 plane at the museum gift shop. It's my dad's plane. My wife asked me as we walked and saw the planes and cars and jeeps and motorcycles, if I thought my dad would enjoy the air show. I can't think of many things he would have enjoyed more...

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