Friday, September 21, 2012

Toto's Not In Kansas, Well, At Least, Not Tonight...

Now, I admit that I don't know all the songs Toto's produced over their 35 year period. I know a few, like almost everyone my age (or 5 years either younger or older than me...), but the Mrs. and I wanted to get away this weekend and we found a concert...Toto. We booked the tickets and we went.

 But even though I didn't know all the songs they sang, the concert was GREAT!!

I've never seen an act at this particular location before. It was an intimate setting, maybe room for 1000 or so concert goers. Most of the time, when I went to concerts back in the day, I saw bands perform in venues ill-suited for acoustics. It was nice to be in a place designed for music.

The band played. We boogied, and a drunk guy in white (see  center guy with arms raised...) ran up and down the aisles...well, technically it was dancing. He was VERY entertaining.

I've never seen Toto perform before. They were a tight group live. I highly recommend attending any show they do.

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