Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kindling by Braden Bell, A Review...

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, but things have come up (or, in other words, things got in the way...) but it is time.

Last weekend I interviewed Braden Bell, author of, The Kindling. Hopefully soon I'll have the interview up on my podcast and you can hear Braden read a page or two of the story. Schedules prevented an earlier interview, but I'm glad we were able to talk. He's written a great book.

The Kindling centers around three middle school students attending a private school. Soon unexplainable things begin happening to the students. This brother/sister and sister's friend team slowly find out what his happening, not only to them, but to those around them. Their idyllic world (as idyllic a world that can exist for jr. high students...) turns into a nightmare involving the students, their teachers, and the student's families. The story transports the heroes and villains from the quiet school to Disney World and even to alternative realities--just where kids would love to go.

This is a good vs. evil, discovery of magic yarn that you can read with your children and not be prepared to skip over a part or two for the younger kiddies. Bell paces the story well and each chapter becomes its own cliffhanger. Bell's introduction of the magical world is unique and imaginative. I especially enjoyed how the teachers use their individual personalities and traits to not only teach the children their magical powers, but the execution of their own magical abilities.

Like I said, I read the book several weeks ago and the story has remained with me. Braden is working on the book's sequel which, I'm sure, will fail to disappoint.

In short, good book, page turner, fun. And what more can you really ask of a book, anyway? You can find out more at Braden's website:,  He also has a Facebook fan page, , and he can be found on Twitter at: @bradenbellcom.


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