Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Neighborhood Block Party...

We've done them from time to time, and each time we've participated, we've had a great time. This year's gathering was earlier in the year than most. One time we had to meet inside our neighbor's house because it was storming outside.

Last night we decided to get together and have another block party. It was organized by the Browns. Yesterday was so crazy for our family (see yesterday's post...) that we weren't able to do all the things the Browns had suggested we do, like decorate our bicycles. To me, this bike has an Italian theme...

We played a few games, like pass around the water balloon before a timer pops the balloon inside the plastic shell and gets whoever is holding the shell when the balloon pops all wet. It was a lot of fun.

Still, I think the best part of the evening wasn't the delicious treats (they were really good...), or the White Elephant gift exchange (I got a new desk lamp...), it was just sitting outside on a perfect Autumn evening enjoying each others company.

The sun set and the mosquitoes told us it was time to break up the party. I had so much fun I forgot that I had scheduled a phone interview for my podcast (sorry Braden...). But, that's the danger of having a neighborhood block party with such wonderful neighbors.

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