Thursday, September 27, 2012

Galaxy Quest & The Big Bang Theory...Pure Genius!

The first time I saw "Galaxy Quest" I was blown away, not because of the brilliant writing, or the incredible casting (inspired, I think...), but because David Howard, one of my writing heroes, found a previously unexplored topic and found pay dirt. His story involved the same Star Trek fans that Saturday Night Live and William Shatner lampooned years before, but Howard expanded on the SNL joke and even used some of the same scientific theories found in Carl Sagan's "Contact."


Fast forward several years and genius strikes again, this time for the small screen. There are very few network shows we watch and even fewer situation comedies. One night we came across "The Big Bang Theory," and after one episode, we were hooked. There are some episodes not suitable for children, and that's a bit disappointing, but we watch still. The creators of the show have found a group to parody that have never been taken seriously as the subject of a show, and not just the butt of many a joke.

Galaxy Quest and The Big Bang Theory...two creative projects tapping into the same inspirational well. They show what can be done when someone looks at things just a little bit differently.

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  1. Oh man, tell my Zoe that you love "Galaxy Quest" and she'll be your friend forever. Such a great movie.

  2. I love The Big Bang Theory, it's one of my favourite things to watch at the moment. It definitely appeals to my inner geek, she can identify a lot!

    1. What's nice about having an "inner geek" is that everyone feels like they don't fit in from time to time... We're all geeks, in our own way.