Saturday, September 15, 2012


"You know," my wife said to me a few hours ago. "If you'd like to get one of those TVs we looked at today, we have it in savings."

"Really?" I said. We had looked at a couple of TVs earlier in the day but decided against getting one now. We thought maybe we'd wait until there was a killer deal, or maybe during the Superbowl week. To be honest, I hadn't really thought about it since we left the store earlier.

So, why did my wife tell inform me that perhaps today might be a good time to pick up a TV, and not only today, but within the next couple of hours? You see, today is the Holy War, the day of the big game. I thought about it, drove to Costco just before they closed and picked out one of their cheapest models. It's now burning brightly in our room and the game is on. 

New TV? Yes, thanks...

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the game!! We did. We went to a sports bar with the Utah Alumni Association. We made a lot of noise!! Probably disturbed a lot of diners that didn't know what hit them!