Monday, September 3, 2012

When Mustard Means Ketchup...

The wait was long, but finally we were able to place our order. "And he'll have..." my wife said to the gal behind the counter pointing to my youngest son. "Hamburger," he said. "My wife added, "a small hamburger with nothing but ketchup and mustard."

My son walked away and I could tell something was wrong (he's not one to hide his feelings...). I asked him what was the problem, and he said sadly, "I only wanted mustard on my hamburger." I thought about telling the gal behind the counter that we wanted to change our order, but having waited so long, I didn't want to push my luck (I'm sure many of you have had the same experience when ordering fast food...). I told my son, I'd take care of it. I had not yet ordered and I wasn't that hungry so I knew a way to solve the problem.

I ordered a small hamburger with only mustard on it. I thought--problem solved! Wrong... When our food came I gave my son my burger and I took his. My son opened the bun and saw the yellow condiment adorning his burger and said that they got it wrong. You see, when he said mustard, he really meant ketchup. Kind of an important detail if all you want is ketchup on your small hamburger.

We remedied the problem and my son was okay with his dinner. Three more times during the meal he dipped his french fry into the ketchup and said, "Wow! Look at how much mustard I got on my fry!" Next time we find ourselves in a similar situation, I for one will make sure when he says "mustard" he really means "mustard."

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