Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just An Average (End Of The Month...) Evening In The Neighborhood

In my neighborhood the final day of the month is sometimes more than just the last day of the month. Tonight me and another neighbor visited yet another family. 

We do this, in our little neighborhood, as do the people in the neighborhood to the north, south and west of us. In fact, people all over my state head out and try to visit their neighbors, just to see how they're doing and, sometimes, deliver a little message--at least, we're supposed to...

The gnats and mosquitoes were out in force as we made our way to their front porch and enjoyed the cool autumn evening. To combat the bugs, tiki torches were lit and appreciated. We saw a set of twins, a school under construction, and an unapproachable cat.

We sat and chatted while the kids scooted and biked on the driveway. It was such a nice time...I wonder why we wait until the last day of the month to go. Then again, that is sometimes a difficult question to answer.

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