Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye, Aaron...

Friday morning we found out, as did everyone else. My cousin's Facebook post told us all that her youngest child, her baby boy passed away. This morning we gathered for his funeral. Friends and family gathered, stories were told, tears were shed.


Growing up my cousins were a tight lot. We spent summers together hiking in the Tetons, canoeing in Yellowstone, spending time at each others homes. As too often happens, time separates us and each cousin has a family of their own and now they and their children go hiking, canoeing and spending time with each other. Nowadays, we see less and less of my cousins and their families. We only seem to get together now at family reunions and, unfortunately, funerals.


Aaron's a year--almost to the day--older than my oldest son. From the stories told at the funeral he and my son probably would have been friends. And I'm pretty sure my kids would have loved his sense of humor. 

During the service my lament was that I didn't know Aaron better. That can be said of many of my cousin's children. If there were only more time in the day for extended family reunions. I suppose that's what eternity is for. Aaron, you'll be missed, even by those who didn't know you as well as they would have liked. God bless.

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