Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Lights, Neighbors, And Loafs Of Bread...

"Does your son like to get up early?" my neighbor asked me last Sunday at church. I had to ask him to repeat the question because I wasn't sure what he had asked. "Does your son like to get up early?" he said again.

"Yeah," I said, a little surprised. "He actually does. When I get a chance to sleep in, he's usually up before me." I then asked him why he asked me that. He said, "I just wondered, because if he's going to be baker, he'll have to get up early."

It then made sense to me. Last week my son and I dropped off a loaf of bread at my friend's house, a loaf of bread my 17-year old son baked. Why did we do that? It's just what we do in our neighborhood (especially if it's close to the end of the month...). Our friends were not home, so when we got back home, I sent a Facebook message to them telling them of our little gift in case they didn't enter their home through the front door.

About an hour later, my friend responded on Facebook saying they were out of town and no one would be home until the next day. It gets cold where we live at this time of year so my son and I decided to go retrieve the loaf of bread so it didn't freeze.

We stopped by another neighbor's house and decided to drop it off, thinking it would be appreciated. And it was. Hence, the comment about the early rising son. I snapped several pictures of their beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. I'm a sucker for beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. 

My son is a really good baker. Now, my son needs to bake another loaf of bread. I hope they're home this time...

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