Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stella Wrote A Short Story...

If you click the "Stories, Short And Otherwise..." Tab at the top of this blog and check out the stories, you'll see that I have written several short stores for a weekly writing prompt. In fact, yesterday's post includes my latest edition. Each time I write one of these 500 or less word stories, I write a short introduction. And most times, I try to get others to participate in the weekly writing prompt. Looks like my admonishments paid off...

I do know people who read my blog every single day, and I know of people who read it occasionally. Personally, I'm grateful when anyone takes time out of their busy days and reads what I've put down into words on this blog. When I write my weekly stories, I ask people to give the weekly writing prompt a chance. When I do this I'm usually writing to my friends who enjoy writing and creating stories as much as I do.

Today, a friend decided to take me up on my challenge and she wrote a short story and submitted it to the website for the first time. She said she was going to give it a try, and she did. Here's the links you can access to read her story and others that have been submitted so far for this week's prompt.

Stella Blog: Stella Brought A Book

Carrie's Weekly Writing Prompt Website: Chasing Revery

I asked Stella if she enjoyed the process of creating her story. She told me she enjoyed it very much. I'm glad. I have no idea if she'll write another story (honestly, I don't know if she herself knows either...). Even if she doesn't, she had fun writing her story this time. And that makes me feel good.

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