Monday, December 10, 2012

Theater...Or Discotheque?

About 24 years ago, I was part of a university singing group that toured England. We had a great time. One of the highlights was seeing Les Misérables a year after it opened in the West End. Regret? Not taking up an offer of a free ticket from our choir director to see a lesser known show, only the original London cast of Phantom Of The Opera. Oh well, you win some, and the others you lose.

While on the trip, another theatrical experience involved only a few of the choir members as we  headed out for an adventure. I don't know how we found the place, but we ended up at a discotheque in London that was once a theater complete with a stage and everything. Even though my memory is fading, I remember Dorothy and Bob were there with me, and maybe even Crimson Cath (we called her that because she was part of the U of U's drill team, the Crimson Line before she joined the choir and had a lot of fun...). I might even have pictures stashed somewhere in my basement of the event...probably not, though.

Last Friday night, the tech crew at the show informed us that after the show, they were going to put on some music for the cast to "enjoy." We did a great show. The entertained audience filed out, then the lights went wild and the music was cranked. And even though only a couple of songs were played, they turned the place into a really nice disco. Maybe if this theater thing doesn't work out, the building could be modified. I can see the neon sign now:

Centerville's Best Disco!

Of course, an executive decision on the appropriate age of patrons would need to be established...

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