Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tipping--The Quandary...

 Here's basically what happened. We went to a wedding reception last night and after, we stopped by one of our small town's two Mexican restaurants. Francisco's (not to be confused with the famous Elf line: "Franciso--Oh! That's fun to say.") Mexican Grill in lovely downtown Farmington, Utah.

We ordered take out. We ordered two orders of chimichangas, chicken--they were out of beef, unfortunately... I signed the receipt and the staff ran off to prepare our dinners. I realized as they left that I did not add a tip to the bill. Tipping, it's a strange thing. I sometimes tip when we order take out, but not usually, and I definitely tip whenever we order food and have it delivered, which is extremely rare. But take out...?

Our food came and they only made one order of chimichangas, and since I only paid for one order, I had to pay for the second. This time when the receipt was placed before me, I added a tip. The restaurant quickly brought out the second order (apparently they gave us someone else's order and made them wait...). Now, I could have looked at their service as being sub-par because they messed up our order and made us wait. It's easy to find fault.

We came home and had dinner. I'm glad I was given a second change to show my gratitude to the restaurant staff with a few extra dollars--the food was delicious!

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