Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas From A Swede...

I was on Facebook earlier today and I came across this post. It blew me away. And now, a little history...

If you're older than 30 years old, and Swedish, you know who Louis Herrey is. I imagine quite a few Danes and Norwegians know him as well. I met Louis Herrey when the Swede lived briefly in my hometown of Farmington, Utah. I had known about Louis and his famous family ever since I lived in Denmark in the mid-1980's.

You see, Louis was part of a performing group and in 1984 he, along with his two older brothers were the Herrey's. Now, if you're a Swede (or perhaps a Dane or a Norwegian...) older than 30 you might remember this group for they won the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest with their catchy tune, "Diggy Loo, Diggy Ley" (I told you it was catchy...). If you're unfamiliar with the Eurovision contest, Abba won it 10 years earlier. Simply put, it's huge.

With the creation of Facebook I found Louis about a year ago and we befriended each other. Today I came across a post from Mr. Herrey, and it was one of the best things I've read this Christmas Season. I almost responded by calling him a "rock star" which, he's been. I was impressed because it's such a simple thing, giving of one's time...but it can mean so much to someone in need. It's a very charitable thing to do--a Christ-like thing to do.

Louis lives in Sweden and works for his church. He's a very talented photographer, and from what I can see, a level-headed man with a wonderful family. As I write this, it's Christmas Eve here, but Christmas Day is in full swing in Sweden. I'm sure he's enjoying the holiday with his family and loved ones, but I'm also sure, if I felt lonely, Louis would be there for me, because he's a good man. Louis Herrey...God Jul, og Tak!

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