Friday, December 21, 2012

How'd You Like To Have Your Work Meeting Here?

For the next few weeks I'm going to post on this blog what I've been writing to promote Bob's Vertical Challenge. For the past few weeks I've done the same (mostly because I haven't had time to write a Friday blog post due to the show my daughter and I have been in...), but it is writing and one of the reasons I keep a daily blog is to make sure I write something everyday.

As far as my question in the title, I'd LOVE to have a meeting at Snowbasin, in winter, on the slopes! The place was a blast when I learned to ski on that mountain over 35 years ago, and it is simply beautiful now. Today I'm trying to reach the business people and offer them an alternative to the boring business meeting. Just click on the title of the post to see the original entry. Join us on the slopes! It'll be fun!

Think Of It As A Strategy Meeting At 10,000 Feet…

Imagine going to work on a winter’s day next February. You’ve got a strategy meeting scheduled. It begins at 9 a.m. As the meeting starts a box of day-old doughnuts stairs up at you from the conference table, but you look outside, outside to the mountains where the snow-covered peaks call out to you, beckon you to respond.

This could be one way to conduct your February meeting, or you could ditch the drab colored walls and stale pastries and join us–join us in the mountains on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 for the 6th Annual Bob’s Vertical Challenge! Have your meeting with us at one of the nation’s premier skiing destinations, Snowbasin Utah. Award your best salespeople, or better yet, sign up multiple teams of four skiers/snowboarders and take on the mountain! Each team that finishes the Vertical Challenge will have skied/snowboarded 100,000 vertical feet in the Greatest Snow On Earth!

And when you do enjoy a fantastic day on the slopes networking and getting to know co-workers and contacts alike, the best part of your time participating will be the help you’ll be giving to deserving kids. All proceeds of Bob’s Vertical Challenge go directly to the Scoutreach program of the Trapper Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Each year many scouts miss out on life-changing experiences due to a lack of funds. You can help these great boys learn more about the world around them, and, more importantly, more about themselves.

Please consider swapping that boardroom for a ski lift and time at the lodge–all for a great cause. For more details, please contact Andrea Abbott at:, or call: 801-447-4200. Imagine–a business meeting like you’ve never had before!

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  1. GOD, I can imagine that would be so fun. Does my company HAVE to talk about work? :)