Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tantrums And Tannenbaums...

I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Oh, the things we learn. Yesterday we loaded up the van and headed to the Christmas tree lot we've been going to for the past several years. Last year we didn't have to shop for a Christmas tree. The wind blew over my neighbor's big blue spruce and so we lopped off the top of it and stuck it in our living room. That was a great tree...

This year, no big wind storm, and even if there had been a big wind storm, there are far fewer trees now. So, we decided to help stimulate the economy by buying a tree. 


A little history here...we have a smallish house, and because of that, we have a vaulted celing in the main room to make the home feel bigger. It works. I'm pointing this out because with a smallish house and a high ceiling we want to take advantage of this and get a tall tree. The only tall trees we can afford are the skinny ones. Personally, I love tall skinny trees. After searching the small Christmas tree lot, we found two trees that were acceptable. The problem came with half the family wanting one tree, and the other half wanted another. 


Now, the last thing I want is to be transporting a tree that half the family doesn't want, so I decided to go home treeless and wait for a time when just me and the Mrs. could go get a tree. 


A couple of hours later my wife and I drove to the next closest lot and saw trees we loved, tall, skinny...but pricy. They were all over $100.00. That's way too much for us to spend so as we left, a worker suggested we try another tree lot a few miles away.

We drove up and hit the jackpot! The place had so many tall trees and many were priced the same as the tall trees at the first place we went to. It's the tallest tree we've ever had in the house. We would not have gotten such a great tree had the kids disagreed. So, did they learn from their parent's actions, or did the parents learn from them?