Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kneaders, And Mr. Steadham...

There are many benefits to living next to your in-laws, and since my parents are no longer with us, they are not only my wife's parents, but now mine as well. Last night my in-laws took my wife and out for dinner, a post-birthday present for me. We went to Kneaders.

If you're unfamiliar with Kneaders, it's a chain of restaurants currently in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, and their food is very, very good. You can check out their website: HERE.

The establishment is half restaurant, half store where they sell many hand-crafted items. It's very cozy, or as the Danes say "hyggeligt."

While we ate, Mr. Roland Steadham had dinner (that's him sitting right behind my in-laws). He's a weatherman on the local news, but since we don't watch local news, I have no idea where he's working now. 


If you're passing a Kneaders restaurant, stop in. Come for the meals...stay for the desserts!

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