Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Best Christmas Pageant Ever...


Last night we gathered at the church, some to prepare food, some to put on a play, but most to eat. We came together as a group of people to celebrate the season. My family, we were part of the performers.

The costumes were borrowed from a family that have puts on a Christmas pageant in their barn. Four of us were angels (I was Gabriel...), one son was a shepherd, and my youngest son helped gather up the donated food for the food bank.

The entire production was put together in about an hour. Few had their lines memorized (I was not one of them...). 

The manger consisted of a picture on a vinyl background with a small wooden crib in front. We tried on costumes that fit poorly, and the lighting and sound effects were figured out literally minutes before dinner was served.

But, even with all of this, I had an amazing experience--this is because of the story. We listened to the narrator tell us something we all knew, but wanted to hear again, the story of Jesus's birth.

And even though our Baby Jesus was a one-year old girl and the wise men hailed from Farmington and not the Far East, to me it was the best Christmas Pageant I've ever done.

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