Monday, July 29, 2013

And So It Begins...Again

The meeting was slated for 6:30pm tonight, which isn't normally a problem if traffic on I-15 is light. My friend sent a photo of an overturned semi traveling northbound. Must have happened after our bus drove by.

I remember last winter when the same meeting was held for another anthology and I was one of the authors gathered to receive instruction from the powers that be. I was nervous that I didn't understand what was going on the way everyone else seemed to be. It took a while, but eventually all the edits and revisions and proofs were done and the book was shipped.

So, tonight the process begins again. Time flew as the two-hour meeting came to a close. During the meeting we communicated through instant messages, and most comments stayed true to the goal of staying on track--focusing on the task at hand. Of course, you gather a bunch of writers in one place, and who knows what can happen?

Nine stories, nine authors, nine vulnerable artists inviting those who read the stories to enjoy their journey with them. Hopefully, we'll create a body of work worth the effort. Time to get to work!


  1. It's going to be the most awesome freak-show ever! It was great to get to know you all!