Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bus Or Bike...Or Both?

I've got a bike in the basement just sitting there. It's been there for a little while. Back when I worked about five miles from my home, I used to ride the train into work (the building where I worked was literally right across the street from the train station--I LOVED that). I would take my bike on the train going, then ride the bike home. This was back when I was in grad school and I would listen to my homework as I biked home because most of my required reading were the classics and I had them on audiobook. How cool is that? Answer...pretty cool.

All that ended when I was moved from that building and my new building was far from a train stop. They also took away my bus/train pass. Things have changed. My transit pass has been returned, but work is about 15 or so miles away. Also, about a third of the commute will be on roads and not a bike path.

In the mornings as I wait for my bus, I see bikers ride past. Since the weather's improved and there's more sunlight in the mornings, I've been thinking of riding into work and then putting the bike on the bus on the way home. I wonder if I'll do it. I guess time will tell.

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