Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Early Morning Sunrise...

Getting up early has some advantages. When I got in my car this morning I looked at the sky. The clouds were turning orange. 


I knew if I wanted to snap a few pictures, I needed to hurry so I raced to the train station (actually, I obeyed every law...), parked the car, ran to the bus stop and took out my camera.

When you're taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises, timing is everything. Well, timing and location are everything. I took several pictures and many turned out pretty good. 


And since I am constantly looking for subjects for blog posts, I thought I'd let you see what I saw just before 6 am this morning as I waited for the 473 Express UTA bus bound for SLC.


  1. Amazing, thank you - I'm not usually up that early so wouldn't normally see a sunrise!

    1. Thanks Sally! I really should get up and out in the mornings more often...