Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America And Some Great Friends!

I always thought it would be cool to have a birthday on the 4th of July. Growing up, Jeff, one of my friends did. I'm pretty sure I asked him if he had an uncle named Sam. Can't remember if he ever answered my question.

Like many of you, I have friends on Facebook and one of the better qualities found in the social network is Facebook's ability to notify us of each other's birthdays. Today seven of my friends share their birthday with the county's. 

So, here's wishing a Happy Birthday to:

 Jeff, who I've known since our elementary school days and who I see sometimes (at reunions...)

Christopher, who, along with me and around five million other people, speak Danish, or could speak Danish at one point in our lives

Amy, a gal who, along with about 40 other students, ran amok through the streets of London a few decades ago--I'm sure the city was never the same after that...

Becky, a person for whom I have the utmost respect, a great neighbor and friend

Tony, who has what some might call an "unhealthy" love for BYU sports, but a great guy and strong partiot

And Jalaire, one of the most organized stage managers I've ever worked with--a class act.

And, of course, the country. When I consider how lucky I am to live within its borders, it staggers me. Happy birthday to those I love! Let's make the next 365 days the best ever!

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