Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well, There's Your Problem Right There...

As I drove my car home tonight, the driver's side window fell. It's not an everyday occurrence. There's history between this window and me, history going back over two years.

A few months after I got the car back from repairs after the Deer Kill of '11, I was up in the mountains with the scouts. It was winter and we had just had an overnighter. Just after the event we were gathered to come home. With the window down, I tried closing the door and it wouldn't close. I applied some pressure to close it and the window shattered inside the door. My boys and I had an interesting drive on the way home from the mountains in winter with a window missing. I wrote about it in one of my earliest blogs and you can read that blog: HERE.

I tried having it fixed several times, but each time it kept breaking. It got to the point where we rolled up the window and kept it there and that worked okay. Then today happened. I spent a couple of hours tonight fixing it and when I took the door panel off, I realized what the problem's been all along. The good news--I know how to fix it. The bad news--it will have to wait a while. But for now, we'll just keep the window up and the A/C slash Heat on.

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