Friday, July 12, 2013

Different Faces At The Post Office...

As a kid I used to occasionally drop by our local post office on my way home from school. It was kind of a cool place. I loved looking at the stamp collections that you could buy. I never bought know, other than the ones I needed to send stuff.

And as everyone knows, the post office was also famous for posting the "Most Wanted" photos. I think I remember looking at those, too.


Today I dropped by to send the signed contract for the next publication (Sorry, Penny...I guess I didn't get it in the mail on Wednesday like I said I would...), and I discovered something...

The decor at the post office has changed. 

Gone--perhaps forever--are the stamp collections, and as I scanned the room, I didn't see any notorious Most Wanted faces. I did, however, see faces--faces of heroes.


Covering one wall was a photo collage of acting service men and women. And even though I believe showing pictures of people who have harmed others is a good thing (we should be aware of the evil that surrounds us, after all...), I believe it's as important, if not more, to post the faces of those who sacrifice so much for others. I guess the post office is still kind of a cool place.

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