Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blue Iguana...Another Salt Lake City Classic!

I got the e-mail Monday morning. "We're going to lunch at the Blue Iguana. Are you in?" The timing was perfect--I did not bring a lunch and it sounded really good.

In Salt Lake City there are two restaurants named after colored iguanas, the Red Iguana (I wrote about our dining experience at the Red Iguana: HERE), and the Blue Iguana. Like most things in life, the Red outdoes the Blue, but not by much.

The Red is located west of downtown, which we can go to during our lunch break, but we'd have to drive. The Blue is only three blocks from where I work. Another reason the Blue is a restaurant of choice is because we can use coupons when we go. And use them we do!

In order to be frugal (total cost with coupon and tip included is $6 even...) I only ate half of my meal and saved the other half for Tuesday. Good lunch for two days at a cost of $3 per day. Score!

If you want to go and you're not sure where to find the Blue, just go to the Capitol Theater--it's right in back. Will I return? Probably, but it might be a while. I'm not sure when I'll get another e-mail.

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