Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cap't Monkey And Tooele Boy And The Mystery Of The Gnarled Stump...A Short Story

The Weekly Writing Prompt!

It's back! And so are our two heroes, Cap't Monkey & Tooele Boy. This time they're stumped over a stump. By following the rules of the weekly writing prompt, here's another story of their continued adventures. Here are the rules:

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday to link up your post.
4) Add your stories at the inLinkz Link HERE: Nicole, Carrie, Tena, or Leanne.
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

This Week's Five Words:


And so, here we go! Enjoy!
Cap't Monkey And Tooele Boy And The Mystery Of The Gnarled Stump

Our saga continues as our two heroes find themselves strolling on a deserted beach. They come upon a curious object sitting atop the sand.
"Golly, Cap't Monkey! What's that?"

"That, my dear mentee, is a stump." The two approached the curious object as minute flecks of sand found heretofore unknown crevices under their toenails. "Yes, a stump," the cap't said authoritatively. 

"How'd it get here?" Tooele Boy's curiosity demanded satisfaction. "I don't see any trees around here. Was it towed from yon forest to the beach below?"

"Unlikely, Tooele Boy. The cord required to move such a monumental piece of wood would need to be at least as thick as two of your fingers."

"Sweet custard! I can't imagine a cord that thick!"

"Nor can I, Tooele Boy. It must have found its way here some other way."

Silence followed the Cap't's astute summation. Both men stared at the stump; their brains worked overtime to unravel the mystery. Finally Cap't Monkey spoke.

"Seeing this stump reminds me of a story I heard as a child."

"Do tell, Cap't Monkey."

"I recall the day vividly. Friends and relatives gathered for my 11th birthday. Gifts were exchanged, food was consumed, and relationships were strengthened. My uncle, Commodore Chimpanzee, pulled me away from the ice cream and cake opulence and in a drunken stupor relayed the following tale."

"What's a stupor, Cap't Monkey?"

"Later, my friend. But first the story." Cap't Monkey then relayed the story of his uncle's first seafaring adventure. When he was a boy he was sent on his first assignment. A storm overwhelmed their vessel and the crew found themselves adrift in the ocean clinging precariously to pieces of the ship. Their only refuge were sections of their wooden boat that saved their lives.

"But, wait! That's a myth! Don't heavy objects sink in water? I know I do," Tooele Boy said completely confused.

"Yes, your girth would definitely drag to you the depths of Davy Jones's locker," Cap't Monkey accurately explained. "And I thought the same thing, Tooele Boy. I argued with my father's brother. I tried to explain that heavy things cannot float, let alone offer enough buoyancy to rescue an entire crew. He swore to me of its validity."

"Unbelievable!" Tooele Boy said.

"Apparently not. I had to alter my view of both water and wood and their properties. Wood does indeed float and so with this knowledge, it appears this stump traveled through the unpredictable currents of the ocean until it found itself perched atop the sands of this beautiful beach."

"Wow! Looks like I've got a lot of things to learn!"

"Yes, you do. I'm glad we've solved the mystery of the stump. Now, if I could only figure out how to clear my feet of this sand." Both men laughed as they continued their eventful stroll along the coastline.

Word Count: 488


  1. Fantastic characters. You've brought a smile to my face again with this story.

    1. Thanks Sally--they have been a lot of fun, so far!

  2. Love the way you use the key words, I tend to struggle with them.

    1. The key words were fun, and relatively easy (this time...). Thanks!

  3. I love these characters!! They're so fun!!

    1. Nicole--without your hard work, and the work of the other hostess gals, we wouldn't have the weekly exercise. Thank YOU!

  4. This story was very enjoyable, Scott. The characters were great, and I was caught up in their stroll as they tried to solve the mystery.

    1. I'm glad you could enjoy the ride! Thanks!