Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Five-Day Weekend...

Because of the work schedule I have and the 2014 holiday calendar, I took one day off this week and ended up having a five-day weekend.

I could get used to that!

That’s the thing about taking almost a week off from work—it makes going back to work that much more difficult. However, since I am only working today and tomorrow this week, it takes the sting out of returning.

So, what does one do during a five-day weekend? I had grand plans, some of which I actually accomplished, such as fixing the kid’s shower.

A major goal for my weekend involved writing. I’ve got a screenplay to re-write and a book of short stories to publish. I worked a little on both projects, perhaps the most work done on the screenplay. I finished the first act and I feel pretty good about it.

The thing about the screenplay is—at least for me—I have to see it in my mind, find major points where I want the characters to go and once I do, the writing is relatively easy. Maybe it’s because I’m creating something visual that I need to “see” it first. I don’t know. The next act will be the toughest, I think. It encompasses roughly ½ of the screenplay and will/should dictate the film’s ending. As far as the book is concerned, I’ll be working on that this next weekend.

Yes, give me five-day weekends and I’ll be a happy man!

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