Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Lady On The Sidewalk...

It wasn't until I rounded the corner through the credit union parking lot that I saw her, a tall thin statue of a woman standing a few yards from where the buses stop.

And I saw that she wasn't moving, just standing there.

Working downtown, you never quite know the people with whom you interact. I remember distinctly the day when the famed kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, approached me as I waited for the bus. How did I know it was him, you may ask?

Good question. It's hard to forget a man with a long hair and beard dressed in a white robe asking you if you know God and know what he wants you to do. I think he approached me before he kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, at least I think so--he was alone.

So, I'm never quite sure who I'm going to run into as I make my way through the streets of downtown Salt Lake City. A rule of thumb--I don't make eye contact. I will, however, glance at people from time to time.

That's why I noticed this woman. Usually people have a purpose, even when they're just standing around. Most of us--myself included--will play a game on my phone or listen to something on my phone as we wait for a bus or have stopped for another reason. Rarely do we--myself included--remain very still as we stand on a sidewalk.

And as I walked toward her, she reminded me of a Halloween decoration. Not because she was scary looking, but how many times in October do we walk by, or see a figure completely still? Like I said, she wasn't scary; it just sparked a memory.

I passed her. She didn't move. I got to the bus stop and looked back. She remained in place. It was then I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures. I kind of wanted to remember the moment.

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