Saturday, November 29, 2014

Well Done...You Mighty Men Of Utah!

Today marked the end of the 2014 regular football season for the University of Utah. They ended the season the way they began it--with an ugly win.

Much has already been written about this year's campaign. It has been a wild ride! Utah lost some games they arguably should have won and won several they had no right winning.

But the win/loss total is what it is.

Now, for those of us who don't play the game and whose opinions hardly matter in the grand scheme of things, we will get together at work, church, school and discuss the season that was. As with everything in life, some will be happy with the overall results. Some will complain and be bitter and others will have no opinion either way.

Me? I will reside in the first camp with those other half-fullers who consider this year a great success. The team went 8-4, had their first conference winning record as a member of the Pac-12. They beat Michigan, UCLA, USC, Oregon State, Stanford which is a huge accomplishment considering at no time during any of those games did they dominate. They lost to the two conference leaders, Oregon and Arizona as well as Washington State and Arizona State.

The Utes were ranked for most of the season and finished the regular season a top-25 program. They're going to a bowl game (as of yet, undecided...) and the program shook off two loosing seasons to win twice as many games as they lost.

Sure, I could focus on the one-point loss to Washington State or the overtime loss to Arizona State, either win might have secured a first-place finish in the Pac-12 South. But, no...I'm not thinking about those things. I'd rather remember this year's team a one that fought hard, played hard, and won eight of 12 (so far...). Thank you, you mighty men of Utah football. You did yourselves, your state, and your fans proud! Can't wait for 2015!

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