Friday, November 21, 2014

Utah State Aggies...Go Big Blue!

Many years ago I attended college at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Back then their football program kind of sucked.

I'm sorry to put it that way, but that's the way it was.

Sure, they'd beat their in-state rivals once in a while, but they usually got their tails beat both in conference games and non-conference games. It was sad, but I think even during those tough years, they played hard. They just didn't have the talent to compete much of the time.

I'm happy to say, I think those days appear to be over! After tonight's show many of us in the cast went out to eat and on one of the TV screens at the restaurant was the latest Utah State romp. I saw a stat roll across the ticker that said this year's Aggie senior class has won 35 games.


I'm so happy to be excited about the USU Aggies at the beginning of each football season. They are no longer a guaranteed in-state win--just as the Cougars and Utes.

I only stayed at USU for one quarter, but it's the school where my father went, my brother, sister, uncle and many many friends, and I feel no shame in rooting for Big Blue.

Oh, and since they won again tonight, the senior class is now at 36 wins with hopefully more to come. Go Aggies!

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