Friday, November 7, 2014


I'm in a show, a show that begins in a few weeks. At rehearsal's we're to the point where we're running complete acts and after each run...

We get notes.

Now, notes are important, both for the performers and the directors. They let us know where we're at in our progress and what we need to fix. They give us direction and encouragement and advice, all in an effort to make the show as good as possible.

I've been doing shows off and on since 2000. I don't do many, but I've done my share. I remember those first shows--we'd run an act or an entire show then all sit down in the theater seats and get our notes. Because I'm mostly involved in musicals, we get notes from the choreographer, then the musical director, then the show director. I remember some of those rehearsals going long into the night. And, I fully admit, I fell asleep during notes once or twice (or more...).

And, I remember a lot of notes that we got were directed specifically at me. That's right--I needed a lot of help. You know, with the singing and the dancing and the acting...basically, everything.

I try hard to avoid getting notes directed at me, even though they still happen. Over the years, I still get notes but it's becoming less and less, so either I'm getting better. Either that, or they keep putting me in the back where I'm not seen very much.

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  1. Probably because you have such a great counterpart that makes you look good?!?