Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brandon Sanderson's "The Rithmatist"...A Book Review

Brandon Sanderson added some personal notes at the end of his book, The Rithmatist which provides some insights into how the book came to be and that he began this project seven years before it became published in its present form.

That little bit of information gives me hope.

Sanderson has proved over and over again that the man can see a project through. The man creates epics and then turns them into incredible stories that give us, the readers and fans hours, weeks, and months of literary pleasure.

I bought and had signed by the author The Rithmatist earlier this year. I finished it today. The book is a blending of elements we've already seen and somethings that I don't believe anyone's ever seen before. The story is set in America, except instead of a solid continent, the states are a series of islands. On one of these islands is a school, a school where students possessing magical skills are educated alongside students that lack magical abilities. That may sound familiar, but what's not familiar is the magic system invented by the author.

It's brilliant!

And it involves chalk.

Students who are training to become rithmatists learn how to create designs with chalk, designs that come to life with the ability to kill, or designs used as defenses against such attacks. Before each chapter illustrations give the reader an idea of simple and complex defenses, and like putting a gun in  the first act of a story that will eventually be used in the story's third act, the illustrations give notice of upcoming events.

Sure, it's about teenagers and magic and Sanderson proves the formula is far from exhausted. It's a fun read with wonderful artwork. I enjoyed the book very much.

And Sanderson gives me hope that all those little projects I've started and abandoned will one day see the light of day.

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