Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sebastian's Ossuary...Yeah, We Went This Time

Each year we get the invite, and each year we've found a reason to miss it--not that we don't want to go, mind you. It seems we always want to go, but something comes up, some little (or big...) excuse causes us to not attend.

This year, we went.

And we're glad we did.

We used to go every year. Sebastian and Valori's party was an event we looked forward to, we planned our costumes and even took our kids. We'd gather at their home, always outside around a fire, and eat good food and catch up. Sebastian is a fraternity brother, and the party is for the brothers of ∆X and their wives--and years ago, for their children because none had kids old enough to tend the others.

Now, however, almost all of us have kids not only old enough to tend, but also to drive, vote, get married, go on missions and pretty much take care of themselves. Yes, we're old. It's been decades since we would gather once a week at the Institute building at the University of Utah. A lot has happened to all of us, but as I looked around the room, it made me realize what quality people I was fortunate enough to associate with while at college.

I wonder if many people can say that they can sit in a room with follow university classmates and not be ashamed of the things they did as students, not regret decisions made. And as the years have passed these men and their wonderful spouses have done little to tarnish the image I once held.

We're older, hopefully wiser, definitely changed, but tonight I sat in a packed room (it was the first Ossuary held inside due to the potential for bad weather...) and I felt honored to be a part of ∆X and glad Greg Pearson asked me those many years ago if I'd like to check it out.

Hopefully it won't be several years before we return to Sebastian and Valori's house. After all, next Halloween is only 364 days away.

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